Gentle Yoga

Revitalize and restore your body in this beginner-friendly yoga class. Learning the basics of Yoga and breath awareness this class will gently help improve spinal alignment, increase flexibility, and build strength. Expect a slow paced class with beginning postures and use of props. Our Gentle Yoga classes are the best fit if you are new to yoga, have an injury, feeling low energy, or are pregnant. This is a non-intimidating class good for all ages and experience levels. 

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Mindful Flow Yoga

When you feel comfortable and confident moving through basic yoga poses and are ready to explore more challenging variations and postures, it's time to try our Mindful Flow class. In this powerful and energetic class you will consciously flow through postures designed to both strengthen and stretch the body. Pace is slower than traditional Vinyasa flow classes and is based on alignment. Not recommended for beginners or if you are suffering from an injury. 

Yin Yoga- Focuses on stretching the deep tissue around the hips and lower spine through floor postures. Poses are relaxed and held for longer periods of time with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. 

Restorative Yoga- These classes teach us to relax and rest deeply and completely. In this class props are used to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer periods of time allowing you to open up your body through passive stretching. The procedures are usually laying on your back or seated yoga poses with the addition of props that we provide - blocks, bolsters, and blankets - to eliminate any unnecessary straining. Great for beginners or those with injuries.  

Yoga Therapy- These transformative classes will integrate a therapeutic, alignment-based, mat practice with a simple soothing meditation. There will be a little journal time combined with Yoga perspectives and psychology. 

Yoga/Barre Fusion-  Increase balance, strength, and flexibility in this fun blend of yoga and barre. This class puts a unique spin on traditional yoga by incorporating the use of a ballet barre. Mixing elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training- the moves are choreographed to motivating music. This class has been developed with many modifications.  

Mat Pilates- A series of floor exercises specifially designed to incorporate breathing techniques to strengthen the core, improve posture and alignment, build flexibility, increase stamina and lung capacity, improve circulation, balance and coordination. This combination makes for long, lean strong muscles.  

Stretch/Yoga Balls- Our unique, new class blends deep stretch techniques and self massage with small "yoga balls" that are effective in relieving everyday stress in your hips, back, shoulders and neck from hunching using computers, driving etc. Be prepared to hold the poses for longer periods of time and watch your posture improve, flexibility increase and pain diminish!