Tune YOU Spiritual Study Soiree with Laura Jane                                                 SATURDAYS: April 29,  May 20  from  2-4pm

A spiritual study book club, in a sense, with a social, soiree aspect.

For fun and to grow and expand our spiritual understanding, our integration of ideas, and our honing in on what feels most true and right for us, right now, unique and awesome as we are.

Donation based ~ Potluck- bring a dish  

To find out more:  http://www.ilaurajane.com/tuneyougatherings/tune-you-spiritual-study-soirees


MAY 13th SATURDAY from 2-3:15pm  

YOGA DANCE THERAPY with SANDY NOWARITA                                                                  In this creative form of movement combining yoga and dance, we will begin to change and shift the energy of your body and spirit. The purpose of yoga is to connect you to a deeper awareness within yourself. Adding the element of dance can add a deeper expression and energetic flow to your entire body to help aid in optimal health. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY- BEGINNER YOGA STUDENTS WELCOMED. Come join us on this exciting journey.                                          Sandy's Bio: Sandy grew up in Chicago and has travelled the world performing, choreographing and teaching Dance, Yoga and Pilates most of her adult life. Sandy is a true believer that having a mind/body connection through movement and meditation leads to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.                                               $25 in advance $35 day of event.

SUNDAY SELF CARE with Sandy Chasteen                                                                     SUNDAYMay 21  from 1-3:30pm

MORE INFO : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/self-care-with-sandy-workshop-tickets-32366467977                   


June 17     SATURDAY  2-3:30pm  


Shadow Yoga, founded by Zhander Remete, is a Hatha Yoga system that utilizes 3 standing prelude forms, rhythmic, breathing, bone breathing, bandhas (energetic locks) and the system of marma (trigger points) to free the body of its physical, energetic and mental/emotional blockages.  Shadow Yoga Builds Bone Strength,  Clears physical & energetic blockages, Improves Coordination,  & Builds Internal Heat. $30 in advance $40 day of event.


ONGOING MEDITATION EVENTS:                                                                                

REFUGE RECOVERY MEDITATION Every Tuesday 7:45-8:45pm                                 open to the public - Donation based-ALL welcomed!

Buddhist meditation for those in recovery.

For more info:  www.refugerecovery.org

GOLDEN ORB DEEKSHA MEDITATION  Every 1st and 3rd Sunday 12:30-1:30pm open to the public. ALL Welcomed!

A direct experience in a breakthrough of consciousness as you journey into a deeper state of awareness and calm. Increase your connection to the oneness in all that is.

For more info: www.onenessuniversity.org