"By practicing Yoga for over 40 years, 
I know firsthand what benefits this practice can
contribute to your overall well-being"

Jan Palmer - Owner


Our Yoga classes are based on ancient traditional techniques to help you take care of your body. By aligning the spine, articulating joints and learning how to breathe correctly you foster self-healing, better posture and an overall sense of well-being. This leads to a more peaceful mind and a better attitude.

Created in 2012 by jewelry designer and sculptor Jan Palmer, whose Yoga practice spans more than 4 decades.  Her father, a prominent Internist who integrated Eastern medicine modalities , helped to lay the foundation for her personal mantras, “listen to your body" and "the mind & body work together".  Jan’s passions for sculpture and dance helped her to learn the fundamentals of anatomy. In the early 80's Jan deepened her love of movement by teaching Aerobics and Yoga.  She extended her knowledge of the body by obtaining Massage Therapy and Personal Training certifications. She has overcome injuries, imbalances and insecurities through her Yoga studies. Jan wants to share her wisdom with others, which is why HARMONY HB came into being.

...All things change when we do...